Zoodles and Swoodles

I love the new non-noodle obsession.  I’ve made zoodles (zucchini noodles) and swoodle (sweet potato noodles).  I currently have a cheap zoodler that I picked up for less than $10 on amazon.  It works great for zucchini, not so great for sweet potatoes.  It’s manual – and the sweet potatoes are just too hard.  I’m putting the new attachment available for my Kitchen Aid mixer on my Christmas list!

The trick with zoodles is to make sure they are really dry before you cook them (I salt them and lay them on paper towels).  And then when you cook them – only cook them minimally so they don’t release their water.

This is my favorite recipe so far:

http://gi365.co/food/creamy-roasted-red-pepper-zucchini-noodles/.  Creamy-Roasted-Pepper-Zucchini-Noodles-GI-365-1


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