Instant Pot Black Bean Soup

I love soup.  And not just in the winter.  I really could eat soup all the time all year round.  But it’s especially comforting on cold, damp days like today.

And you know what else I love?  My Instant Pot!  As someone who loves to cook all sorts of things – this isn’t a tool I use every day.  I like variety – and lets face it, most of what comes out of the IP is what my family calls “goop on rice”.  (Although I did make a super tasty cheesecake!).

This soup couldn’t be easier.  No soaking beans.  Just throw it all in and let the magic pot do it’s thing.  With all the liquid, it does take awhile to come up to pressure – so 40 minutes of pressure cooking, 20 minutes of release, the veggie  chopping and the coming up to pressure – it’s a good hour and a half before you have soup.  I did use chicken broth instead of vegetable broth – I just like it better.

  Recipe here.

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