Crock pot Maple-Dijon Chicken drumsticks

So my husband isn’t a big fan of chili.  He calls chili powder B.O. powder.  He hates the smell, the taste – so when I make anything chili or Mexican, I’m always searching for non-chili powder recipes.  Except today.  I decided to go traditional.  So to be nice, I made him something different.  Good thing it was Sunday and I had some extra time on my hands!

Hubby’s dinner was this:  Skinnytaste Maple Dijon drumsticks.  I love crock pot meals because they are so easy – but I’m usually disappointed by the end product.  I’ve never been that impressed with my crockpot – usually I’m just “well, that was ok”.  But Hubby gave this rave reviews!    It was super quick and easy – the most work was getting the skins off the drumsticks.  I let it go the full 4 hours on high like the recipe.  Mine was definitely lighter in color than it shows on the website – I’m thinking maybe she broiled hers at the end.  But it was fall off the bone tender and a winner.

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