Indian lunch – Chickpea and Potato Curry and Roasted Cauliflower

I knew I was making chicken and beef chili for dinner – so I decided to try something vegetarian for lunch.  I don’t usually cook at lunch time, but I figured the leftovers would be good for work this week.  I actually made 2 dishes (what can I say – I feel the need to try everything in my Skinnytaste cookbook!!).

The first dish was a potato and chickpea curry.  Gina doesn’t have this one on her blog – but someone reposted it here.   This blogger rated the recipe a B.  I would agree – not the best Indian recipe I’ve had, but low calorie and chock full of good stuff.  I didn’t have it with rice (although my son did and liked it that way).  I did splurge on a piece of naan.  🙂

The second dish was OUTSTANDING.  I will definitely be making my cauliflower this way again.  It was a simple roasted cauliflower – but it was tossed in some cumin and turmeric.  The recipe called for garlic and olive oil – I decided to save some time and ingredients and use my garlic infused olive oil.  It was roasted very high – 450 degrees.  But oh my goodness – it was good!  This one was also only in her cookbook.

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