Panko Mustard Salmon

Another one of my favorite blogs is  The blogger – Elise – has a lot of great recipes.  Lots of Mexican-influence.  But the first recipe from her site that I ever tried was this one:  I haven’t made it in years – I’ve been trying other salmon recipes – miso, bourbon, creamy dill…but for some reason I had a flash back to this one and knew I had to have it.

A few notes…please, please, please look for wild caught seafood.  I’ll leave the research to you to confirm – but farmed fish is pretty nasty.  I will say that you can’t always find wild caught fish when you want it.  I’ve been waiting weeks to satisfy my salmon craving – and then this week my grocery store had it…and it was on sale!

For this recipe I like to use a “hot-sweet” mustard.  I think any would do, but I like the spicy-sweet combo.

And even better – the kids like it 🙂

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