21 DFX – Day 20

Man, that Dirty 30 Extreme is a tough workout.  I will say that this is the best that I’ve done with it so far – but those shoulder exercises are a killer in the beginning.  For the curtsy lunges, I must admit that I had to drop back to my baby weights.  I did get a bonus work out in – I took my son to his Tae Kwon Do class – so I did 30 minutes on the elliptical while waiting for him.

Breakfast and lunch were basically the usual.  Yogurt, apples and cinnamon and then a ham and cheese sandwich on a flatout with some baby carrots and cucumber slices.  I had my Shakeo in the afternoon – just because it worked out that way.

For dinner, my son actually requested salmon (it makes me so happy when they ask for real food instead of usual kid-fare…).  I made it his favorite way – with a miso glaze.

miso_salmon  Recipe here.

I make it slightly differently.  I do the whole thing under the broiler.  I don’t bother with the oil since I foil line a pan – and I don’t care if the skin sticks because we peel the salmon off of it anyway.  The sauce is a little runny – so I combat this 2 ways.  I sort of press the foil up against the fish so that the sauce can’t run down onto the pan too much.  I also put about half the sauce on, broil it, then put the other half on.  I like it to get more caramelized than it looks in the pic above.  It’s delicious!!   I severed it with some rice and steamed green beans.

Oh – and please try to buy wild caught fish instead of farm raised.  I won’t bore you with all the details on why its better, but go look for yourself.  With just a little research, you will never want to eat farm raised fish again.  And don’t get me started on that GMO salmon…gross.

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