21 DFX – Days 17 & 18

Ok…so I forgot to blog yesterday…so I will combine both days here.

Day 17:  For the most part, killed the Pilates Extreme workout.  It’s tough – and I swear the people on TV have MUCH stretchier bands than I do.  I just can’t do the part on my hands and knees without killing my wrists.  Food-wise..nothing too exciting…Shakeo, yogurt & berries, salad with chicken and black beans…dinner was a yummy burger on a flat out (most of these low carb bread alternatives are gross – but the “flat outs” are pretty tasty).  I even got to make it a cheeseburger because I still had a blue container…yay me!!  I ended with some grapes.

Day 18:  I did the entire Lower Fix extreme with my heavy weights (another yay me!!).  Ok – so I don’t really jump much because my knees suck…but I was working it the whole time.  #strongereveryday.

Morning:  Shakeo after workout (I’m telling you…a few drops of almond extract is the bees knees).  Yogurt this morning was mixed with apples and cinnamon.  As much as I love my berries, this is soooo good!!

Lunch:  Salad.  I’m getting REALLY tired of salads…even if they are tasty.  Spinach, grilled chicken, some tomatoes and a few olives.

PM Snack:  Awesomeness.  I used a blue of shredded cheese, sprinkled it on my flat out and microwaved it for a few seconds to make it melty.  21 DF approved grilled cheese!  It was seriously the best snack ever.

Dinner:  Grilled flank steak (recipe here), sweet potatoes (plain) and yet another damn salad (I was going to have green beans, but my hubby made me a salad and I couldn’t say no *smile*).  The flank steak was delish!  First of all – I only made half the marinade – which was plenty for 1 flank steak.  To make it even more fix friendly, I used liquid aminos instead of soy sauce and I cut back the oil a bit.  But let’s face it – most of the marinade gets thrown away anyway.  I should’ve grilled more – there isn’t a single piece of meat leftover.  I ended the day with a few more apples.

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