21 DFX – Day 16

A better night’s sleep meant that I was back on track for that 5:45AM workout.  Upper Fix Extreme!  I have to say – my huge accomplishment…I got through both sets of pushups!!  Now before you go high-5’ing me too much, I did do most of them on my knees.  But I did pushups for the entire 60 seconds both rounds.  I’m stronger than I was last time – so that’s a win 🙂

So can you guess by now what I’ve eaten today?  The repetition is easy – but boring.  So yeah, yeah – Shakeo, yogurt and berries and a salad for lunch.  I added a side of refried beans from fajita night as my yellow.  Dinner tonight – I couldn’t resist my 13 year old’s request for Chipotle (they have been so patient with my 21 day fix meals!).  Chipotle is actually pretty fix-friendly.  I got a salad with chicken, black beans, tomatoes and some cheese (I perfectly had 1 green, 1 red, 1 yellow and 1 blue left).  Ok – so the salad was more like 2 greens…but really, do you think you can overeat lettuce?  And I said no to the (yummy) salad dressing.  It was delish and perfect – except for the fact that it was another damn salad.  2 salads today – and yet another one planned for lunch tomorrow…

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