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Chicken Pesto Mushrooms

I whipped up this recipe for lunch today – I love Cooking Light recipes and this one did not disappoint.  However, I did find the directions confusing – so let me tell you what I did differently.  Here’s the recipe.

12 ounces of rotisserie chicken turned out to be exactly all of the breast meat from the chicken I picked up – perfect.  I probably cooked the red onion a little longer than they said – and I moved them around some since mine didn’t stay in their circles.  I used jarred pesto – and omitted the 1 tsp of oil since there’s plenty in pesto and I didn’t see what this 1 tsp would add.  The filling filled up my 4 mushrooms perfectly – be careful!  It’s amazing how delicate portobello mushrooms are.

This is where things got confusing.  The recipe says to put the filled mushrooms back on the grill pan for a few minutes “until the mushrooms are tender”.  After a few minutes, I just could not imagine how these mushrooms were going to get tender on my grill pan as is.  The bottoms were getting charred, yet the tops were still cold.  So I put them in a 400 degree oven for about 10-15 minutes.  This definitely cooked them – but also made a lot of water in the pan since the mushrooms released their juices.  I drained off the water, and then added the mozzarella cheese and broiled them.  Some of them fell apart a little – but I tell you -they were yummy!!

IMG_3582 IMG_3579

I suppose if you don’t mind raw mushrooms, the original recipe would work.  But I definitely like my mushrooms cooked.  This was surprisingly filling.

Roasted Chicken Shawarma

Oh my goodness was this delicious!!  Packed with flavor – and flavors that my exotic-flavor loving family couldn’t get enough of.

chicken-shawarma-2  Recipe here courtesy of

Although a number of ingredients in the marinade, it comes together pretty quick.  In fact I did it around 7am before leaving for work.  I let the chicken sit in the marinade all day – then made the tabbouleh salad when I got home.  My organic chicken breasts weren’t that big – so I definitely cooked the chicken less than 45 minutes.  Use your best judgement and cook appropriately.  The garlic sauce (although got rave reviews on the website) didn’t sound all that great to me and didn’t sound all that healthy.  Instead, I mixed some greek yogurt with some lemon juice and garlic.  Even healthier would be to serve this over a bed of greens – but I managed to find some fluffy pita bread at the grocery store, so splurged on some carbs.