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Chipotle Chicken with Avocado Cream Sauce

It always seems to happen that when I make a lot of something, it doesn’t turn out that great and I’m sorry I have so many leftovers…then the night that I make something super delicious, not only were there no leftovers – but the guys were looking for more.  That was tonight…this was soooo good!

Chipotle-Chicken-(2)  Recipe here.

Hubby and younger son like things very spicy…me and older son – not so much.  When I saw “chipotles in adobo” – I knew this had the potential to be really spicy because those suckers are hot.  So I decided to use 1 pepper instead of 2.  I tell you – it wasn’t spicy at all.  Maybe a little burn – but almost nothing.  Even I could have handled the 2 peppers I think – but it was a delicious smokiness just the way it was.  Oh – and to keep it simple, I used chicken tenders.  I only marinated it for about 30 minutes since I didn’t plan ahead – and it was plenty.  But my goodness – the avocado cream sauce…that was out of this world.  You would expect the herb to be cilantro in something like this…but trust me, the basil was so good.  I didn’t even have fresh (I freeze my leftover herbs to use later).  Since this was done up in a blender, it didn’t matter that it was frozen.

Delicous…and everyone loved it.  Winner winner chicken dinner!