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Fruity Curry Chicken Salad

I love this chicken salad from

Chicken salad isn’t always the healthiest option, but I tried to make it a little healthier.  I’ve used both red and green grapes – as well as regular and golden raisins.  I do like the darker colors just for the color contrast.  I like to use rotisserie chicken – it’s quick, easy and moist.  I also tend to use half mayo and half greek yogurt.  You can use all greek yogurt as well – but I must admit, I like the mayo taste.  I put less in than the recipe calls for – just enough to hold it sort of together.  I like to serve it just in a bowl with some veggies on the side – but it’s also great in a pita half.

Thail Basil Chicken

More love for Gina from Skinnytaste!  Her recipes are really amazing.  And anything that gets my youngest son Brian (my picky eater) to say “PLEASE MAKE THIS EVERY WEEK” gets extra points in my book.

thaibasilchicken-550x825  recipe here.

You can use regular basil, but if you have it available, get the Thai basil.  We are fortunate to have an international grocery store pretty close by – and bonus, it’s super cheap.  Next time I will add other veggies – maybe broccoli, mushrooms, water chestnuts – something else to bulk it up a bit (as Gina suggests in her blog post).  This time I just served some braised baby bok choy.  Who needs take out when homemade is this good, quick and healthy?

Salmon with Avocado salsa

I’ve been craving salmon…I only buy it when I can find wild caught.  If you read what they do to fish that is farmed raised, you will never eat it again. I like to buy fist at Costco since it’s cheaper – but I got tired of waiting for Costco to get wild caught salmon – so I splurged on some from Wegman’s.  It was worth it – so good!  Avocados are another thing that I crave…maybe I’m low in my omegas!

Here’s the inspiration for this dish:  recipe here.


A few changes that I made:  First of all, I don’t really like to grill fish.  It tastes good, but I don’t like it when I make burgers afterwards…the grill takes a long time to lose that fishy-ness.  So I baked it instead…350 degrees until it’s done depending on thickness.  You could also broil it.  The spice rub is pretty strong…it’s delicious, but overpowers the fish.  A little goes a long way – so go sparingly until you know how much you like.  I used about half.  The avocado salsa is perfect!