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Healthy Grilled Chicken Parm

I made a delicious grilled chicken parm tonight!  And that is saying a lot – because I’m practically known for my traditional chicken parm.  It is fantastic.  But it’s breaded and fried…and not what I wanted to eat after being so good for 21 days.


  • Chicken Breasts (I used thin cut)
  • Olive Oil
  • Italian Seasoning
  • Sliced Mozzarella cheese
  • Pesto (optional)
  • Tomato sauce (I love Victoria – all good ingredients)


  • Drizzle a little olive oil on the chicken – rub it around.
  • Sprinkle with a little Italian Seasoning (to taste).
  • Grill chicken until just about done.
  • Before taking off the grill, top with sliced mozzarella cheese.  Close grill lid and let cheese get melty.
  • Before serving, spread a little pesto on top (if desired) and spoon tomato sauce on top.

I served the above with garlicky broccolini (recipe here).

The kids missed my traditional guilt-ridden parm, but all agreed this was an acceptable alternative.  Hubby and I thought it was more than acceptable – it was super quick and DELISH!.


21 DFX – Day 21

Well I made it!!  Today is the last day of this round!

One last round of Yoga Extreme.  I still don’t like yoga, but I will turn to it if I have stiff muscles.  It does help.

Food today…today was odd.  I really wasn’t that hungry.  Or when I was hungry, I didn’t seem to mind being hungry.  I think I’ve gotten comfortable eating less.  I started the day with my yogurt, apples and cinnamon.  Since it’s Sunday, there was less time between breakfast and lunch, I didn’t have my shakeology in the morning.  For lunch, I broiled some chicken sausage and had a salad.  No yellow at this meal.  After running some errands, I had my Shakeo as a mid-day snack.  For dinner I had one of my favorite fix meals:  Asian chicken skewers.

asian skewers

I didn’t make the slaw side dish…instead I made steamed green beans (ok, reheated the beans from last night).  I still hadn’t had my blue container or either of my yellow containers.  So I decided to splurge…hey – it’s day 21!  My husband went to a pie auction and came home with a homemade apple pie.  I indulged in a reasonable size piece and toasted to my success and willpower.

So even though I’m done, with Thanksgiving approaching in just a few days, I figured I’d try to follow the plan for a few more days…at least the work outs and my breakfasts and lunches.  I may be a little more lax for dinner.  But I have to say – I love this program.  Yes, I have my days of frustration and cravings, but it works and makes you feel great not only physically, but mentally as well.

21 DFX – Day 20

Man, that Dirty 30 Extreme is a tough workout.  I will say that this is the best that I’ve done with it so far – but those shoulder exercises are a killer in the beginning.  For the curtsy lunges, I must admit that I had to drop back to my baby weights.  I did get a bonus work out in – I took my son to his Tae Kwon Do class – so I did 30 minutes on the elliptical while waiting for him.

Breakfast and lunch were basically the usual.  Yogurt, apples and cinnamon and then a ham and cheese sandwich on a flatout with some baby carrots and cucumber slices.  I had my Shakeo in the afternoon – just because it worked out that way.

For dinner, my son actually requested salmon (it makes me so happy when they ask for real food instead of usual kid-fare…).  I made it his favorite way – with a miso glaze.

miso_salmon  Recipe here.

I make it slightly differently.  I do the whole thing under the broiler.  I don’t bother with the oil since I foil line a pan – and I don’t care if the skin sticks because we peel the salmon off of it anyway.  The sauce is a little runny – so I combat this 2 ways.  I sort of press the foil up against the fish so that the sauce can’t run down onto the pan too much.  I also put about half the sauce on, broil it, then put the other half on.  I like it to get more caramelized than it looks in the pic above.  It’s delicious!!   I severed it with some rice and steamed green beans.

Oh – and please try to buy wild caught fish instead of farm raised.  I won’t bore you with all the details on why its better, but go look for yourself.  With just a little research, you will never want to eat farm raised fish again.  And don’t get me started on that GMO salmon…gross.

21 DFX – Day 19

Today is Friday and I took a mental health day from work.  I have some extra vacation days and sometimes you need a mental break as much as you need a work out and nutrition.  So I slept in a bit and then did Dirty 30 from 21DF instead of Cardio Extreme (like I did last week).  I love this work out – and after legs day, I didn’t think my knees could handle Cardio Extreme.  After my workout, I was rewarded by seeing on the scale that I’ve lost 5 pounds!  Now I say this a bit tongue in cheek because I don’t really trust the scale.  This is a great article on this subject:  So in addition to that, I’d like to note that my skinny jeans are roomy again and that muffin top is all but gone.  Yay me!  🙂

Food today…I started with Shakeo after my workout.  Then had my yogurt with chopped apples and cinnamon late in the morning.  Because I was on a bit of a later schedule, I didn’t get lunch until about 2:30 (well that and I treated myself to some shopping).  I didn’t have a lot of choices at home, so I had a flat out with some ham and cheese, along with a green container of baby carrots.  Dinner was a bit of a cheat – but I think I managed to minimize the damage.  Both of the kids were out so hubby suggested date night.  I couldn’t resist – so we wound up at one of our favorite seafood places.  I wound up getting some flounder served with asparagus and mashed cauliflower.  I’m sure there was some butter in there, but it was a lovely evening and I didn’t feel like I ate anything too bad.  It’s all about balance and still enjoying life.  And following up with a good workout the next day. 🙂

21 DFX – Days 17 & 18

Ok…so I forgot to blog yesterday…so I will combine both days here.

Day 17:  For the most part, killed the Pilates Extreme workout.  It’s tough – and I swear the people on TV have MUCH stretchier bands than I do.  I just can’t do the part on my hands and knees without killing my wrists.  Food-wise..nothing too exciting…Shakeo, yogurt & berries, salad with chicken and black beans…dinner was a yummy burger on a flat out (most of these low carb bread alternatives are gross – but the “flat outs” are pretty tasty).  I even got to make it a cheeseburger because I still had a blue container…yay me!!  I ended with some grapes.

Day 18:  I did the entire Lower Fix extreme with my heavy weights (another yay me!!).  Ok – so I don’t really jump much because my knees suck…but I was working it the whole time.  #strongereveryday.

Morning:  Shakeo after workout (I’m telling you…a few drops of almond extract is the bees knees).  Yogurt this morning was mixed with apples and cinnamon.  As much as I love my berries, this is soooo good!!

Lunch:  Salad.  I’m getting REALLY tired of salads…even if they are tasty.  Spinach, grilled chicken, some tomatoes and a few olives.

PM Snack:  Awesomeness.  I used a blue of shredded cheese, sprinkled it on my flat out and microwaved it for a few seconds to make it melty.  21 DF approved grilled cheese!  It was seriously the best snack ever.

Dinner:  Grilled flank steak (recipe here), sweet potatoes (plain) and yet another damn salad (I was going to have green beans, but my hubby made me a salad and I couldn’t say no *smile*).  The flank steak was delish!  First of all – I only made half the marinade – which was plenty for 1 flank steak.  To make it even more fix friendly, I used liquid aminos instead of soy sauce and I cut back the oil a bit.  But let’s face it – most of the marinade gets thrown away anyway.  I should’ve grilled more – there isn’t a single piece of meat leftover.  I ended the day with a few more apples.

21 DFX – Day 16

A better night’s sleep meant that I was back on track for that 5:45AM workout.  Upper Fix Extreme!  I have to say – my huge accomplishment…I got through both sets of pushups!!  Now before you go high-5’ing me too much, I did do most of them on my knees.  But I did pushups for the entire 60 seconds both rounds.  I’m stronger than I was last time – so that’s a win 🙂

So can you guess by now what I’ve eaten today?  The repetition is easy – but boring.  So yeah, yeah – Shakeo, yogurt and berries and a salad for lunch.  I added a side of refried beans from fajita night as my yellow.  Dinner tonight – I couldn’t resist my 13 year old’s request for Chipotle (they have been so patient with my 21 day fix meals!).  Chipotle is actually pretty fix-friendly.  I got a salad with chicken, black beans, tomatoes and some cheese (I perfectly had 1 green, 1 red, 1 yellow and 1 blue left).  Ok – so the salad was more like 2 greens…but really, do you think you can overeat lettuce?  And I said no to the (yummy) salad dressing.  It was delish and perfect – except for the fact that it was another damn salad.  2 salads today – and yet another one planned for lunch tomorrow…

21 DFX – Day 15

Day 1 of the last week!  So far for the 1st 2 weeks – I lost 4 pounds, my clothes are a little looser and for the most part, I feel great.  My metabolism is hard to predict.  Some days I’m hardly hungry.  Other days, I’m starving.  Last night I didn’t sleep well – I woke up in the middle of the night and I was starving.  In looking back at my containers from yesterday, I think I forgot to use my coveted blue container.  I figured some fat was what I need – so I went down to the kitchen at 3am and had some cheese and a few nuts.

Since I didn’t sleep well, I wasn’t in the mood for the high energy Plyo Fix Extreme at 5:45AM  I hit snooze, went in to work a little late – then powered through it when I got home from work.  After the 3rd time doing it, it’s still a killer workout.

Food-wise…still started the day with Shakeology (1 red).  Had my trusty yogurt and berries a few hours later.  (1 red, 1 purple).  For lunch, I made a salad with grilled chicken, a few olives and peach balsamic vinegar (2 green, 1 red, 1 orange).  I had to go to another building for the afternoon at work, so I needed portable snacks.  I decided to bring some cheese (1 blue) and grapes (1 purple).

For dinner I found myself in the enviable position of having BOTH yellow containers left.  Good thing – it was fajita night!  I had the grilled chicken, sauteed onions and peppers and both black beans and refried beans.  Hubby and the kids also had tortillas, cheese and sour cream.  Mine was still yummy without.

chicken-fajitas-vertical-dm  Recipe here.

21 DFX – Day 14

I don’t like Yoga.  There – I said it.  I find it boring – and the breathing stresses me out since I always seem to be doing it at the wrong time.  However…I do like how I feel after it’s over.  It’s like all my tense muscles melt away.  I don’t know how it happens since I’m unhappy while I’m doing it – but I magically feel amazing when it’s over.

Since it’s Sunday, I slept a little later.  I also didn’t feel the need for the protein hit for Yoga, so I stuck with just yogurt and berries for breakfast (1 red, 1 purple).  For lunch I choked down those turkey meatballs from yesterday.  I really don’t like them, so I think I’ll just pitch the rest.  I did have leftover zoodles which were yummy.  (1 red, 1/2 yellow, 1 green).  Mid-day I had a Shakeo for a snack (1 red).  Dinner was a winner.  This might be stretching the rules a bit, but it’s delicious, healthy – and I loved every minute of it.

1112-seared-scallops    Recipe here.

Since I only had 1/2 a yellow so far, I had plenty of beans.  The spinach is deceiving because it cooks down sooooo much.  Splurge on wild caught scallops – so yummy.  I’ll estimate what I had as 2 green, 1 red, 1 1/2 yellow.  Dessert:  apples (1 purple).

21 DFX – Day 13

It’s the weekend!  The routine is always a little different than work days – plus I have some more time to come up with interesting things to eat.

Instead of starting the day with a workout, I started it with a cup of tea and my yogurt and berries (1 red, 1 purple) and catching up on Scandal.  🙂  No worries – after I did that and some laundry, I got to my Dirty 30 Extreme before lunch.  Love this one – although I tell you, that first round burns out my shoulders like nothing else.  I confess I had to downgrade to by baby weights by the end – my upper body strength sucks.  Follow up my workout with Shakeology (1 red).

Since I had some time and I knew I wouldn’t be putting much effort into dinner, I decided to indulge in some extra cooking for lunch.  I’ve been dying to try the Fixate turkey meatballs that everyone on line raves about.  And I’ve been craving my zoodles.   Here’s what I ended up with:

IMG_2660  Looks, pretty good, right?

Well the zoodles were delish – even if I did forget to top them with some parmesean cheese at the end.  The meatballs however – not such a fan.  The extra zoodle sauce saved them a bit, but I’m not in a hurry to have these again.  Lunch total:  1 green, 1 red, 1/2 yellow, 1/4 blue (since I forgot the parm – would’ve been 1/2 blue).

I’m going for some double pampering in a bit…a facial and a massage!!  My treatments are from 5:30-7:30, so I figured I should have some sort of snack since dinner will be late.  I made a quick quesadilla – 1 yellow and 3/4 blue.  I LOVE this snack – feels like a cheat!

That will leave me with 2 greens, 1 red, 1/2 yellow, 1 orange and 1 purple for later tonight.  I plan to have a salad with grilled chicken, some olives and balsamic dressing.  Using up the 1/2 yellow (maybe I’ll toast another corn tortilla??) and the purple (probably some grapes or apples) is still TBD…

Off to my massage!!

21 DFX – Day 12

Thankfully, I’m feeling much better than yesterday.  I didn’t start out that way – so I slept through my usual morning workout time.  But I did come home and catch up.  Although I went off script a bit – I wasn’t feeling Cardio Fix Extreme – too much jumping.  So I went old school and treated myself to my favorite workout – Dirty 30 from 21 Day Fix.  It was a great work out and a fun revisit.

Food today…even though I didn’t work out in the morning, I still started my day with Shakeology.  I’ve mentioned that I use 1/3C unsweetened almond milk with 2/3 cup water and some ice.  I tried a new almond milk – unsweetened almond vanilla coconut milk.  This stuff is incredibly good!!  No need for the extracts that I usually add.  YUM!

Again, work got the best of my schedule…I didn’t get to my breakfast until about noon – so I had my Greek yogurt and berries plus a piece of plain bread.  (1 red, 1 purple, 1 yellow).  Around 2:30 I managed to get to my lunch – spinach salad with chopped grilled chicken (2 green, 1 red).  I topped my salad with some delicious peach white balsamic vinegar.  Just before my workout when I got home, I had a piece of cheese (1/2 blue).

Dinner…I made one of my husband’s favorite meals – pork tenderloin medallions with chopped olives and capers.  This was pretty fix-friendly…maybe some slight cheats.  I sliced the pork into 1/2 inch medallions.  Dredged them in some flour (didn’t use much, but technically would be part of a yellow), salt & pepper.  Browned in a pan (only used 2t oil for all of the meat).  Added 1/2C chicken broth, 1/2C white wine, 1/2C chopped olives and 2T capers.  simmered until liquid reduced.  I figured for the containers, I had 1 red of meat and 1 orange of olives/capers.  To that I had 1 green of broccoli.  I didn’t have a yellow, so since it’s Friday and I had to open a bottle of wine to cook with, I had some wine.

I plan to finish the day with some grapes (1 purple).  I will still have 1/2 blue left.  If I need a bedtime snack, I may have a few almonds or a little more cheese.