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Fruity Curry Chicken Salad

I love this chicken salad from

Chicken salad isn’t always the healthiest option, but I tried to make it a little healthier.  I’ve used both red and green grapes – as well as regular and golden raisins.  I do like the darker colors just for the color contrast.  I like to use rotisserie chicken – it’s quick, easy and moist.  I also tend to use half mayo and half greek yogurt.  You can use all greek yogurt as well – but I must admit, I like the mayo taste.  I put less in than the recipe calls for – just enough to hold it sort of together.  I like to serve it just in a bowl with some veggies on the side – but it’s also great in a pita half.

Coconut Chicken Salad with Warm Honey Mustard Dressing

My obsession with my new Skinnytaste cookbook continues!  And even more amazing…all 4 of us ate it.  Yes – I got 2 teen boys to eat salad for dinner!!  Okay – they had a scoop of mac-n-cheese on the side…but they ate salad.  Main dish size salads.  WINNER!

I used the cookbook – but also found the recipe on her blog.  The amounts are different – but the proportions are the same.  The cookbook version said it was enough for 4 servings.  Pretty accurate – although we wanted more dressing than listed.  Speaking of the dressing – my 13 year old liked it so much, he asked if I could just make this instead of buying his usual thick-chemical laden honey mustard dressing that he loves.  One less processed food in the house – SCORE!

Here’s my place – my kids complimented me on how close it looked to the picture in the cookbook:

IMG_2924  recipe here.