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21 Day Fix approved recipes

21 DFX – Day 3

Well thank goodness that I found that resistance band – because Pilates Fix Extreme required it for almost the entire time.  I thought this exercise was great – except for the part where we were on our hands and knees…I guess I’m just not very strong because I just couldn’t stretch that band like everyone else – and the pressure on my wrists got a bit much.  But overall, great workout.

I followed-up up my 5:45AM workout with Chocolate Shakeology.  (1 red)

At work I had my typical fruit and yogurt breakfast – but this time I swapped out the berries for apples and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  OMG – sooo good!  Very season appropriate.  (1 red, 1 purple)

Lunch was a repeat of yesterday’s sandwich (well, I made 4 of them – so you’re going to see this repeated 2 more times!).  Seasoned chicken patty, flatout bread, slices of avocado and tomato.  Side of cucumbers and carrots (I munched on these into the afternoon).  (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue, 1 1/2 green).

Dinner…sooo good!!  (recipe here)


It was pork tenderloin, diced sweet potatoes and green beans.  (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 1/2 green)

Dessert:  Grapes (1 purple)

I didn’t use the orange container, so I had a small scoop of almond butter.  It takes all my willpower to have just a little bit – I think I could eat the entire jar with a spoon.

21 DFX – Day 2

Day 2!

This morning’s workout started with a mad search in the basement.  I didn’t realize that Upper Fix Extreme required a resistance band.  I got one with my original 21DF order over a year ago, but never used it.  Of course it was right in front of my eyes – but at 5:40AM, the obvious isn’t so obvious.  Anyway…finally got started with the workout.  Upper Fix was one of my favorites from the original program – except the damn push-ups.  This one gets the same review from me.  The funny part was when I was done, showered and went to blow-dry my hair.  I could hardly hold my hairdryer up!  I think that is a definite sign of a great workout.  Speaking of signs…holy cow are my legs sore today from yesterday’s workout!  I’m in pretty good shape – but it’s amazing the effect that a new routine can have on your body.

Food today!  Because I lost 10 minutes running around my basement, I drank my Shakeo in the car on the way to work.  (1 red).



Breakfast:  the usual – Greek yogurt and berries.  You’ll see this a lot from me – unfortunately, I don’t like eggs.  (1 red, 1 purple).

Lunch:  Last night I made these chicken patties (recipe here ):



I didn’t use as much seasoning as the recipe – it just seemed like too much.  I combined it with a flatout, some avocado and some tomatoes.  Pretty tasty and filling!  Although I think it would’ve been dry without the avocado and tomatoes.  I had cucumber “chips” on the side.  (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue, 1 green).

Dinner:  This was not good planning on my part.  We were having burgers!  This time beef – Laura’s organic lean ground beef.  I served it again on a flat out, a slice of tomato and a few dill pickles.  Plus a salad on the side (with some olives).  (1 red, 1 yellow, 2 green, 1 orange).

Dessert:  Grapes (1 purple).

I didn’t really use any tsps today, so I had a scoop of almond butter.  YUM.

Zoodles and Swoodles

I love the new non-noodle obsession.  I’ve made zoodles (zucchini noodles) and swoodle (sweet potato noodles).  I currently have a cheap zoodler that I picked up for less than $10 on amazon.  It works great for zucchini, not so great for sweet potatoes.  It’s manual – and the sweet potatoes are just too hard.  I’m putting the new attachment available for my Kitchen Aid mixer on my Christmas list!

The trick with zoodles is to make sure they are really dry before you cook them (I salt them and lay them on paper towels).  And then when you cook them – only cook them minimally so they don’t release their water.

This is my favorite recipe so far:  Creamy-Roasted-Pepper-Zucchini-Noodles-GI-365-1