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21 DFX – Day 4

We are experiencing unseasonably warm weather here in Virginia.  It was near 75 – in November.  Nice – but I think it’s making everyone a little crazy.  What a day!  Anyway…

5:45AM brought Lower Fix Extreme.  I’m not sure what’s up with Autumn and all the jumping in Extreme.  So although I had to modify a bit for my crappy knees, it was a great workout.  And again I was thankful for finding my red band – it made an appearance again! And speaking of the band – whoa…that last exercise with the side shuffle walks…killer.  In a good way.

Food today:

Post workout:  Shakeology, almond extract, ice.  Yum.  (1 red)

Breakfast:  Greek Yogurt and raspberries (my standard fav – but I was missing the apples and cinnamon I had yesterday!).  (1 red, 1 purple)

Lunch:  Chicken patty (3 down, 1 more to go!!), flat out, tomatoes.  Today I skipped the avocado.  Carrots and cucumbers.  (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green).

Snack:  Grapes – decided to have them in the afternoon instead of saving for dessert since I seem to need a boost more mid-day instead of after dinner.  (1 purple)

Dinner:  I had grand plans of making philly cheese steak peppers – but after a long, crazy day – I just didn’t have it in me for an involved cooking night.  So I improvised.  I grilled a few scallops that I had in the freezer, made a quesadilla with 2 corn tortillas, 1/2 blue container of cheese, 1/2 avocado and then a nice salad.  (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue, 2 green).

CONFESSION:  Ok…so I’ve said a few times it was a crazy day.  I gave in to a Milky Way Midnight mini.  *sigh*.  But I looked it up and it was only 36 calories.  So not a big deal – more of a mental hit since I gave in.  I’ll give up my scoop of almond butter that I’ve been trading for my orange container.  Small slip – still doing great, feeling great (a little sore!) and motivated.

Potato & Carrot pancakes

Kid Friendly: Carrot and Potato Pancakes
Kid Friendly: Carrot and Potato Pancakes

These were delicious!  And it reminded me of something I grew up on.  My mom used to make potato pancakes – deep fried until they were nice and crunchy.  This recipe is a healthy twist – half of the potatoes are replaced with carrots – and I only lightly fried them, and then baked in the oven to make sure they were cooked through.  I think the best part of this recipe was the dipping sauce – but then again, we are all suckers for Indian flavors.  Get the recipe here: